MASK Awards

Art shapes creativity. Creativity shapes innovation. Innovation shapes the world

MASK Awards is creativity & innovation platform for schools and young people in Africa.

If you have passion for art or see yourself as an entrepreneur and a leader, MASK Awards is for you! Enter online your best ARTWORKS in any medium, or INNOVATIONS that solve the Global Goals challenges.

Push the boundaries of imagination!

Gain a sense of power and potential!

Showcase your talent!

Win exciting prizes!


All schools and young people under 25 in Africa can participate

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in Kenya:

The Star

The Citizen TV

HOT 96 Radio

Innovation Award

#3 Environment Activist

#1 Reduce Inequalities

According to the Global Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities, too much of the world’s wealth is held by a very small group of people, leading to financial and social discrimination of the majority. In order for all nations and the entire World to florish, what should we do for equality and prosperity to be available to everyone? How can we make every individual is self sufficient and creative?

#2 Young Entrepreneur

The prizes:

  • Fully-paid internships at top companies
  • Representation on our Innovation Gallery
  • Best ideas presented to business and policy community

The prizes:

  • Paid internships at top companies
  • Best ideas will be presented to business and policy community

Youth unemployment is critical. As a result of COVID-19 measures, millions more jobs have been lost. Have you considered entrepreneurship as a career option? Can you generate your own job which you care passionately about? 

Creative people drive innovations and shape the future.

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur and a leader? Then tackle the World's to do list. Enter your innovative solutions to one of the Global Goals challenges.

It takes just one idea to change the world. And it could be yours! 

Humanity is facing an environmental emergency. World leaders have failed to address the problem. Do you have ideas about how humanity can organise its social and economic life so our planet can thrive?

The prizes:

  • Winning artists receive representation on our Art Gallery and participation in our national and international exhibition programme

Art Award

Innovation shapes the world but it starts with art:

art shapes creativity, creativity shapes innovation.


Enter your best artworks on any theme and in any medium.

How to participate

#1  Create an account as a SCHOOL or an INDIVIDUAL.

PLEASE NOTE: a new account needs to be created each season.

#2   Read the briefs & upload online your best ARTWORKS or INNOVATIONS.

All entries are FREE.  

#3   We communicate with entrants via social chanells ONLY. So, SUBSCRIBE for updates, winners, & ceremony invitations NOW. 

Once you have uploaded your entry, you can download & print your MASK Awards Participation Certificate

Past Awards

MASK Awards is a nonprofit programme pioneered by MASK in Kenya in 2013. Since, fifteen countries of the African continent have participated.

Browse our past MASK Awards winners, award ceremonies and exhibitions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

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