MASK Awards 2023

MASK Awards celebrates the creativity and innovation of young people. Pioneered in Kenya in 2013, it now reaches 15 countries in Africa.

If you have a passion for art, or see yourself as an innovator and an entrepreneur, MASK Awards is for you.

Enter your best ARTWORKS on any theme and in any medium,
OR your brightest INNOVATIONS to help solve global challenges.

Showcase your imagination!

Gain a sense of power and potential!

Win a trophy or a cash prize (totalling KSH 300,000)!


All schools & young people under 25

in Africa

can participate

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Citizen TV & HOT 96 Radio

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Innovation Award

#3 Life on Land

#1 Reduce Inequalities

According to Global Goal 10 'Reduced Inequalities', too much of the world’s wealth is held by a very small group of people, leading to discrimination against the majority. How can we make equality and prosperity available to everyone? How can we make every individual self-sufficient?

#2 Young Entrepreneurs

Two-thirds of Africa’s young people are unemployed or vulnerably employed. While
10-12 million youths enter the workforce each year, only 3 million formal jobs are created annually. Have you considered entrepreneurship as a career option? Can you generate your own job which you care passionately about? 

According to Global Goal 15 'Life on Land',  a flourishing life on the land is key to our life and survival on this planet. We have caused severe damage to it through deforestation, loss of natural habitats and land degradation. How can we use our ecosystems in a sustainable way? How can we preserve our biodiversity for future generations?

The prizes:

Winners receive a MASK Awards trophy, cash prizes, and best ideas will be presented to the business and policy communities.

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur and leader? Then tackle the world's 'to-do' list. Enter your innovative solutions to one of the Global Goals challenges shown below.

It takes just one idea to change the world.
And it could be you who shapes the future!

The prizes:

Winners receive a MASK Awards trophy, cash prizes, and representation on our MASK Art Gallery with participation in our national and international exhibitions

Art Award

Innovation shapes the world, but it starts with art.

When people think creatively they think in images. This is why art is essential. Art shapes creativity. Creative people shape progress. When art flourishes the world thrives.


Enter your best artworks on any theme
and in any medium

How to participate: two simple steps


PLEASE NOTE: our rules have changed. Due to the increase in participation, we now communicate via social media ONLY. To take part you must subscribe to our social media.

SUBSCRIBE to at least one channel to participate and stay informed. Otherwise, we may not be able to consider your entry.


Create an account as a school or an individual. PLEASE NOTE: a new account must be created each season.

Read the briefs and upload online your best artworks or innovations.

Entry deadline 1 June 2023. Winners will be announced in October 2023.

Past Awards

MASK Awards is a non-profit programme pioneered by MASK. Established in Kenya in 2013, it has now reached 15 countries on the African continent.

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