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How to write an artist statement

An Artist Statement is a bridge to your art, revealing its context and messages. Dive deep into your soul and authentically answer: Why do you create art, and what messages do you wish to convey? Keep it concise and captivating: a few sentences or paragraphs that seize the reader's attention.

Here are tips for young emerging artists on crafting their artist statement:

1. Explain your artistic philosophy, i.e. core themes/ideas that inspire your work, what drives your creativity, and what message/s you aim to convey through your art.

2. Describe your creative process, i.e. how do you conceive, develop, and execute your art. Mention the materials and techniques you use and any unique methods that define your work.

3. Connect with your viewer on an emotional or intellectual level by discussing your goals and aspirations. What do you hope to achieve with your art, both personally and in a broader context? Articulate your intentions, answer 'Why?'

Revise and edit it multiple times. Eliminate unnecessary jargon or complex language, and ensure clarity and coherence. Seek feedback of your trusted peers, mentors, or art professionals. 

Remember, your artist statement is a dynamic document that may evolve as your art and career progress. Don't be afraid to revisit and update it periodically to reflect your growth and changing artistic perspective

This is one example by MASK Founder Alla Tkachuk:

'In embarking upon my artistic journey, I explored the nuances of human identity through representational art, particularly of historical figures of 20th-century dictators, as well as musicians dancers and singers. Propelled by the amalgamation of art and emerging technology, I experimented with the potentials inherent in 3D digital technology for the genesis and consumption of representational art. Over nearly two last decades, my artistic focus, embodied in the social and activist project MASK and MASK Awards, targeted quality education issues, aiming to impact individuals, especially youth, fostering their identities and creativity through the medium of art.'

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