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We champion young creativity manifested through art. Art shapes creativity and therefore the bright future. By nurturing the potential of the next generation of artists, we help elevate the role of art in society and education.

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Artist of the month

Melissa Joe Achieng, 23, Kenya

Winner of the 'EMERGING ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2023'

Melissa  Joe Achieng, 23, Untiltled, digital art
06787, Melissa  Joe, 23, Nairobi - Black Barbie, other (Digital art)

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Get ready for our upcoming online exhibitions series that mark 'The Best of MASK Awards Decade'. Building on the success of our first 5-year retrospective held at the prestigious Turner Contemporary public gallery in Margate, UK, in 2018, this exhibition marks our 10-year retrospective. Join us as we showcase the best of MASK Awards artists over the past decade.

'Vivid Voices: Unveiling Talents of Emerging Women Artists in Africa'.

This retrospective spotlights the dynamic artistry of young women artists in Africa. Through diverse visuals, it unveils their unique perspectives, stories, and creative journeys.

'Resonance of Voices: Activist Art in Africa'. This retrospective aims to convey the impactful and vocal nature of the art, emphasizing its role as a powerful tool for social change.

'Digital Horizons: Exploring the Future of Art in Africa'. This retrospective unveils the dynamic realm of digital art on the continent, delving into the intersection of technology and creativity and presenting a glimpse into the boundless possibilities shaping its future artistic expression.

'Faces of Africa: A Portrait Showcase' celebrates the diversity of young African portrait painters across perspectives and styles. From traditional to contemporary techniques, it showcases soulful expressions and compelling narratives that reflect the richness of African identity and the human experience.

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Explore our MASK Artists collective representing one of Africa's largest gatherings of emerging talents. This dynamic and diverse community serves as a transformative catalyst, fostering collaboration, and enhancing artists' visibility through exhibitions and events. Beyond the art world, our artists actively address social issues contributing to local development.

Amon Kibet

Clinton Artisto

Richard Amos Onyango

Kevinne Mullick

Mwarano Gioko

Chrispus Nyaanga

Anne Onyango

Melissa Joe

Martina Aduodi

Austin Muturi

Tedd Mwaniki

Victor Mutisya

Denis Cheruiyot

Vincent Mbingo

Lily Ng'ang'a

Stella Onyango

Raphael Mbithi

Andrew Muthotho

Joseph Wangari

John Maina

Kevin  Yego

Otto Gohole

Mbinga Mwambi

Esther Kamau

Kevin Onyango

Eunice Muriithi

Lucas Kamau

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