We are an award-winning non-profit that supports

creativity & innovation
in young people,

educators and communities

Why we do it

Our vision

Fifteen years ago, we took on the challenge to help create a better world through education in creativity and innovation.

We believe that only creative and innovative individuals and communities can solve problems and challenges and achieve a better future for all.

Read how MASK contributes towards addressing the Global Goals. 

How we do it

Our mission is to advance education by developing creativity education practice and embedding it into mainstream education; to strengthen young people's creativity for deeper learning, practical innovation, and meaningful employment; and effect long-term changes to communities so creativity can thrive in perpetuity.

What we do

Our aims are:

  • to develop teaching and learning resources to support creativity in the classroom;
  • to deliver training and development opportunities to our young people: MASK Awards, MASK Art, MASK Artists, MASK Innovators, and School Creativity Clubs;
  • to engage with communities locally, nationally and globally through exhibitions and events.

What we achieve

We build a collective of creative young minds —  artists, entrepreneurs, social innovators, leaders and high performing professionals — who aspire to improve the world.

Over the last 15 years, we have:

  • Delivered over 5,000 Creativity Clubs workshops in 25 schools in Kenya.
  • Pioneered MASK Awards, which has attracted 370 schools and 16,500 entries from 16 countries in Africa.
  • Partnered with 80 organisations worldwide to organise over 50 exhibitions that reached more than 650,000 people globally. 

Our team

MASK is led and supported by a team of creative and dedicated individuals and organisations.