MASK Stories

We celebrate the achievements of our members – our former students and current participants. Get inspired by how creativity leads to success.


“MASK developed my habit for innovation and empowered me beyond my dreams."

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"Before MASK I did not know I was creative. MASK helped me to become a leader and an entrepreneur."

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"MASK Awards has changed how I think. I see myself now not only as an upcoming doctor, but as a medical entrepreneur that can potentially transform the medical sector in Kenya."

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"Creative people transform the future.

I want to build something new that would become iconic in Kenya."

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"MASK helped me develop my talents. I now teach what MASK taught me now to my friends there. I am very happy, and my parents are happy for me too!"

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"I am grateful to have found MASK Awards platform to showcase my Smart Bins and to network with other young creatives."

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"My experiences drive my creativity. I have now won MASK Awards in 2019 exhibited my work around the country and abroad."

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"MASK has thaught me to have my ideas and express them."

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"Being at the MASK Awards ceremony in a room full of artists and creatives from all over the region amazed me and encouraged me to participate this year as well."

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"Challenge the way of living."

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"Art must be available to everyone."

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"We are free to change society."

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"Creativity is core of my force."

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Omar Omara Abae

"MASK Awards opened my mind. I got in touch with my passion to innovate. It motivated me to start my own social enterprise."

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