Enrties received: 4,825

Number of participants: 2,700

Participant schools: 131, including 20 universities and colleges

Countries participated: Kenya, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Malawi

Prizes totalling 300,000 Ksh (£2,500) and paid internships at Nairobi companies are supported by Rivers Foundation, The Linbury Trust, and Andrew Skipper (UK), The Nobelity Project (USA), Mabati Roling Mills and Unilever's Heroes for Change (Kenya). Warm thanks you to our judges.


Prize: 150,000 KSH cash in total


out of 131 schools registered these 25 were nominated: 

Academy of Graphic Technologies, Nairobi

Anidan Art Centre, Lamu

Bungumeri Primary School, Kisumu

Chesamisi Boys High School, Bungoma

Chema Mixed Academy, Mirangine

Citam Schools Buru Buru, Nairobi

COGRI Art club, Nairobi

Daribini Arts and Talent Academy, Kiserian

Emeroka Mixed Secondary School, Kisii

Golden Key School, Mombasa

Greenyard Junior School, Ngong

Isabelle Prondzynski Heroku Club, Nairobi

Kigwa Ridge School, Muthaiga

Light International School-Primary, Nairobi

Lenana Girls High School, Kitale

Moi Girls High School, Eldoret

Mukuni Wood Studio

Ngong Technical and Vocational College, Mwingi

Nyabururu Girls’ National School, Kissi

Raila Educational Centre, Nairobi  -ART

Sidon Children Home, Nairobi

St. Andrew's International High School, Blantyre, Malawi

St.Patrick's High School, 

Taswira Art Club, Nairobi

Thika Technical Training institute, Thika


Prize: 150,000 KSH cash in total



Prize: paid internships at companies in Nairobi



Film & Video

190 videos of paintings, singing, dancing, acting, fashion, poetry, news, and documentaries were entered. These were nominated:

Hadithi za Babu painting by Chrispin Kimani

Glow-Real song by Clifford Lisamula

Creatives' World, film by Stephen Sembi

Singing by Cosmus Ndula

Dreadlocked documentary by Reagan Gibendi

Portfolio by Brian Kipsang

Kibra children appreciate the computer lab and library build in their school by

Elvis Ouma

KIMAKAVELI song by Bryson Bebe


Samuel Juma


To be added as soon as the judging process is complete.


Environmental Activist challenge 


Salma Juma, 22, Mariakani. My solution to deforestation and soil erosion is starting campaign on tree planting encourage agroforestry and zero grazing.


Silas Magu, 22, Gitaru, Kiambu. Levitate water to the Moon.


Joshua Onchaga, 20, Nyeri. Manage domestic waste  through waste segregation.


Amos Kombo, 21, Kakamega. Companies’ HR departments should be loyal to employees not employers.


Yvonne Nzilani, 22, Nairobi, a member at Warembo Wasanii Initiative, an eco-artist who creates wearable outfits and 2D artworks using plastic waste materials and run education workshops.Educating manufacturers about the importance of reusability of the plastics. Educate community about the importance of recycling offering them creative ideas for recycling.


Faith Wafula, 20, Nairobi, United States International University. Use drones powered by solar energy to irrigate crops.


Eric Mutuku, 20, Nakuru. Raring young chicks using the used tires.


Alex Ndeleva, 25, Mombasa. I'm a visual artist who uses art for social change and currently working with Pwani Youth Network organization. My innovation is PlastSafi is a plastic recycling initiative. I help youths to collect plastic waste and make artworks, and various goods such as football gears, shin guards and cones.


Omar Omara Abae, 22, Hola. Deforestation and soil erosion. I would like the government to create awareness and uphold policies that safeguard the forest, and come with the initiative of planting trees.


Japheth Achimba, 20, Webuye, United People Global. The Green Life Globals is a community based program aimed at educating the community on climate change.


Shelley Kiarie, 23, Multimedia University, Nairobi. ECO-BOOKSHELVES made from carton boxes.

George Owiso, 23, Nairobi. Footbridge solution. Elevators or lift ramp to be attached to over-roads pedestrian footbridges to help physically disabled people.


Horace Ouko, 24, Kisumu

  1. POLLUTED AIR, WATER, LAND AND SOIL. Electric vehicles.
  2. INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC WASTE. Companies recycle the waste their products produce.
  3. DESTROYED FLORA AND FAUNA HABITAT. Create more reservation parks.
  4. DEFORESTATION AND SOIL EROSION. Deploy trees conservancy agents in every community.

Young Entrepreneur challenge


Lennox Omondi, 20, Nairobi. Eco-Bana is a social enterprise that manufacturers biodegradable sanitary pads from banana fibers. Our products are cheap yet quality and comfortable, we sell it at $0.43 whereas normally a Kenyan girl spends over $2 for pads. Eco-Bana is more than just a product it is a movement of liberations and empowerment for millions of girls and women. Instagram and Facebook page all @ eco_banalimited

My handles twitter @its_lennie1 instagram its_einstein LinkeIn @Lennox Omondi.


Samwel Nyachuba Muma, 20, Kisii. My idea is Paperstar EcoPencil, pencils made from recycled newspapers. The business has a projection to make sh. 100,000 per month, and a profit of 1.2 million in the first year. I currently work with two very talented people in their fields.


Dulla  Shiltone, 21, Limuru. Eco-Bana sanitary pads is a youth led project by students from St. Paul’s University in Limuru Kenya. Who works hand in hand to produce biodegradable, eco-friendly and hygienic sanitary pads made from banana fibers.


Victor Aluda Ngala, 24, a student at Sigalagala Polytechnic. I have a project on Jigger treatment because people suffer of jigger infestation. I target to treat 200 people by the end of the year.


Stanley Sigowo, 27, Machakos

Industrial and domestic waste. The u-bin, a device integrated into the lids of the bins that detects the level of waste in the bin and alerts to a waste management company.


Eric Mwirichia, 25, Nairobi

Our Smart Bins sort waste from source, while giving rewards points. They are afitted with sensors that collects data (such as fill level and weight) that allows governments and companies to make informed policies and resource allocation. We have been supported by the Ford Fund and the Kenya Climate Incubation Center to built 6 prototypes and carried out 2 successful pilots at a Coca Coca Bottling plant in Embakasi and at Multimedia University of Kenya. At both locations and with just over 240 users, we have been able to collect over 1.5 tons of Plastic waste, preventing over 4 tons of CO2 emission.

The School of the Future challenge

To be added



Film & Video

Papa lolo by St. Patrick's High School students, Iten


The Golden Key School, Mombasa:

Crystal clear our waters gleamed
Fish abundant, rivers streamed
Ocean floors sandy white
Now littered, brown, pollution's plight

Trees towered high above
Trunks baring professed love
Birds chirping from sites unseen
Gone, paper joined pollution's team

Protect what has been given for free

Our waters, skies, wildlife and trees

For once they're gone, don't you say

Consider yourself warned of that fatal day.

Isabelle Prondzynski Heroku Club, Nairobi:

dark rain clouds -
my father shepherding sheep
into their pen

cooking toy -
the little girl plays
a good mother

chilly evening -
my brother cuddling a cat
in our home


Environmental Activist challenge


Lenox Muthengi, 11, from Kerugoya Goodshepherd Academy, Kerugoya, Kenya, came up with these solutions for 'Innovative Gardens' that can be placed on pavements, verandahs, rooftops, and the walls of buildings and fences, in plots and towns. They can also be hanged on tree branches.

The School of the Future challenge:

Students of Chema Mixed Academy, Mirangine:

'My dream school is a place where learning is fun,

It's a school where everyone is accepted for who they are,

And there's no such thing as a bad grade.

In my dream school, the teachers are kind and caring,

They're always willing to help, no matter what the issue is.

And the students are all polite and well-behaved.

There's never any bullying or fighting,

Because everyone respects each other

In my dream school, there are lots of different clubs and activities,

So there's something for everyone to enjoy.

And the curriculum is designed to challenge us,

So that we can reach our full potential.

This is my dream school,

And I can't wait to go there!'

Berzy Cherono, 16, of Nyabururu Girls’ National School, Kissi:


'We want a school that has modern technology and good learning space; teachers make lessons interesting; students are able to learn what they are interested in; exams are replaced by regular tests; and subjects like Agriculture are given priority as it is a backbone of our country, as well as the subjects that develop our talents such as the creative arts.'

Young Entrepreneur challenge

Students of Lenana Girls High School, Kitale:

The Nalena Pads Project is to make sanitation pards out of sugar cane waste. This solution will solve the problems of menstrual hygiene and of sugar millers waste disposal.

Physical exercise by Chantell Minayo, 5

Singing by Blessingmary Kavindu, 6


MASK Awards for 2021 and 2021 will take place:

When: on 15 October 2022

Where: ALN LLP, ALN House, Off Eldama Ravine Close, Parklands (near Westgate Shopping Mall), Nairobi, Kenya

How: in two sessions: 

12 - 2pm - the ceremony for the School category, and 

3 - 5 pm - the ceremony for the category of participants in age group 16 to 25. 



Andrew Skipper

A personal donor