MASK Create: nations thrive with an abundance of creative minds

As MASK Create, we contribute to a brighter future through education in creativity. We believe that mainstream education centred on creativity holds the key to unlocking human potential and ushering in a new era of advancement.

Our commitment is founded on the belief that creative thinking is inherently visual and integrating art practices into schools is essential for fostering young innovation. Having established an award-winning creativity education model, we offer transformative training and development opportunities for our young people and communities.

Since our inception in 2007 as Mobile Art School in Kenya (MASK), carting art supplies on dusty trucks, we have reached beneficiaries across the UK, USA, 16 countries in Africa, and beyond.

Explore the opportunities we offer and embark on your journey toward success and empowerment.


#1 MASK Awards

Unleash your creativity with MASK Awards and gain recognition!

If you're passionate about art, submit your best works on any theme and in art form. Or, if you're an aspiring entrepreneur and leader, share your brightest ideas for addressing global challenges.

Since 2013, MASK Awards has grown to cover 16 African countries, with a global audience of over 650,000. This year, we're opening up the opportunity to young people worldwide.

#2 MASK's model

Over the past 17 years, addressing the shortage of creativity teaching in mainstream education through our 'Creativity Clubs' and 'Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (LED) Clubs' in schools in Kenya, we have developed a model that has the potential to advance education and address challenges such as quality, access and partnerships for better learning.

Currently, we are producing teaching and learning materials to support our Creativity in Action Teaches Project (CATP) and to inspire schools' own innovations.

#3 MASK artists

Our MASK Artists platform serves as a catalyst, unlocking the potential of the next generation of young artists by showcasing the exceptional creations of the most talented MASK Awards participants. Explore their remarkable works of art.

To help our artists, our Resources for Artists are meticulously crafted to empower aspiring talents with the necessary tools for maintaining professionalism while presenting themselves to their audiences.

#4 MASK innovators

MASK Innovators empowers our young participants to cultivate innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills for future job opportunities.

If your organisation is committed to nurturing innovation and is in search of dynamic creative talent, connect with us. Unlock the potential of our extensive database of the brightest young minds for your employment or internship opportunities.

Help us fuel young creativity

MASK is one of the leading organisations in the field of creativity education. In 2020, we were named the 'Most Innovative Learning Organization' by SME News Award.

Help us equip our young people with the creativity skills they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.