Enrties received: 2,000

Number of schools participated: 33 

Countries participated: Kenya (58 locations), Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Seychelles

Number of prizes awarded: 43

Award Ceremony was attended by 300 people


  • Early 21st Century Young African Artists I, Saatchi Gallery, UK 
  • Early 21st Century Young African Artists II, Anjarwalla & Khanna LLP, Kenya
  • Afrikan Gallery and The Viewing Room, UK
  • Doyle Wham Gallery, UK

Press: Citizen TV, The Star (Kenya), The Guardian (UK)

Prizes totalling 300,000 Ksh (£2,500) are supported by Rivers Foundation (UK), The Nobelity Project (USA) and Mabati Roling Mills (Kenya). Our special thanks to our judges.



St. Andrew's International High School, Blantyre, Malawi,

teacher Tijana Randjelovic

Arya Girls and Boys Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya,

teacher Miss Rahab

Anidan Art Centre, Lamu, Kenya,

leader Corrie Wingate


Akiba School, Nairobi, Kenya,

teacher Arogo Dominic

Kiwanja Primary School-Special Unit, Nairobi, Kenya,

teacher Mrs Mwangi

Xtrem Art, Kampala, Uganda,

teacher George W. Santos Ssentongo



Mwangi Mwangi, 14, Crossroads, mixed

Ayaan Shariff, 10, Flow, mixed

Deng Arok, 13, Lukenya Academy IGCSE, Larissa, watercolour

Hariz Kalyar, 13, Mud Bath, acrylic

Elijah Waitenen, 9, Famous, print, Greenyard Junior School, creativity teacher Esther

Talia Khavele, 11, Elephant, acrylic, COGRI (Children of God Relief Institute), creativity teacher Sr Julia Mulvihill

Zeynep Avcioglu, 15, Silhouette, acrylic, Light Academy Primary School, creativity teacher Joseph Mburu Gatonye

Lisa Ndegwa, 4, Sailing , watercolour, Studio of Mary Muringi Auliria, creativity teacher Mary Muringi Auliria

Oprah Wambui, 9, Magical Fish, mixed, Taswira Art CLub, creativity teacher Sam Kimemia



Charles Waweru, 24, Inside Out, painting, mixed medium

Margaret Ngigi, 22, Caged, photograph

Linus Okok, 22, Asylum, dance/film

Kigera Njau, 21, Afro-futurism, collage

Eddy Ochieng, 26, Time and Chance, painting, oil medium

Nicole Saro, 22, Revolution, poem


Achai Pieng Deng, 20, Malika, photo

Alpha Odhiambo, 21, The power of As, acrylic

Bebeto Ochieng, 24, Mangbetu King, graffiti

Eva Chemng'orem, 23, Irora, pencil

Isaac Mokua, 23, Joy and Fun in Art, film

Isaac Mungai, 15, Living Trauma, mixed

John Mutahi, 24, Rhino, digital

Joseph Makau, 24, Mirror of Deceit, acrylic

Lewis Maina, 24, Wealth and Wisdom, oil

Margaret Ngigi, 22,Njoki Wakwa, dance/film

Martin Langat, 21, Identity Crisis, digital

Morris Wamae, 21, Tears, charcoal

Muchira Muraguri, 25, Beheading of Judas, acrylic

Paul Kidero, 23, Color Queen, photo

Richao Liao, 18, Identity, pencil

Selina Onyando, 22, Lunch Time in Rongai, photo

Staice Shitanda, 22, African, photo

Taabu Munyoki, 22, Huduma Namba, mixed

Walter Osugo, 22, Cry of an Urchin, poem

Warembo Wasanii Initiative, fashion Installations, mixed


John Gift, 22

Danielle Wijenje, 18

ART - under 25


COMMENDED. 'Njoki Wakwa' by Margaret Ngigi, 22             

COMMENDED. 'Joy and fun in art' by Isaac Mokua, 23          

WINNER. 'Asylum Theatre' by Linus  Okok, 22 

'Morning Coffee' by Natasha Matalanga, 19

'Reason with me' by Audrey Namusei, 20, of Kuberfom School of Arts        


MASK Prize 2019 received 60 poems by 35 poets aged 15-25.  The Judges shortlisted these three:

WINNER. Nicole Saro, 22




All this while, I've known I was something special 

With skills, talent and mad potential 

I heard people are getting chances 

To perform in front of audiences 

I perform to a mirror and lonely walls 

Or to empty seats in theatres and halls 

It's making me sick that I have to wait 

I've been at it since '01 to date 

The lines just never shrink 

I'm seriously about to sink 

I'm tired of listening to the same old song 

Of no, no, no, no; you're not King Kong 

I've been told too often of how much I suck 

I've heard it forever, only now it's stuck 

I write good verses with killer punchlines 

But people reap in my goddamned goldmines 

I get nothing except disdain 

I'm pushed to the dark and I can't complain 

I can live to love another day 

I won't let this gift burn away

COMMENDED. Walter Osugo, 22


Cry of an Urchin


I live in the streets, 

with no permanent abode, 

even the temporary never last a minute. 

I live in a pigsty, 

that carries the urban stench. 

Whose child am I?

I eat from the bins, 

the refuse from your kitchen. 

Often I fall ill, 

but no one cares. 

To whom do I belong?

Was I born of a woman? 

Did I overstay in the womb, 

that I may suffer for the extra gestation? 

Or did I bite your nipples, 

that I may pay for their repair?

Was I fathered of a man? 

Where the hell are you? 

Why did you waste your energies, 

fathering such a brat as I?

Chris Awuor, 21




i wish 

my mother taught me 

how to cry 

because now 

have 20 years 

worth of water 


in my veins. 

one day, 

the water will expand, 

arteries will explode, 

and i’ll die.

INNOVATION - under 25


Danielle  Wijenje, 18, ideas:


A Home for Every Mind – space for enhancing brainpower of young people to stimulate their entrepreneurship.


A CubeSat (U-class) miniature satellites to increase wireless network.


ART - under 15

ART - schools

Anidan Center, group work, 12 y/o, Newspaper dresses, recycled material


Michael Joseph Art Center, Nairobi, 17 October 2019.