The Jury


Dr Jennifer Wambugu, Director of the Creative Arts at the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

Larry Johnstone, Director for Inclusion at the Office of the Spouse of the President of Kenya

Michael Pundo, Director of the Kenyan Cultural Center

Muthoni Garland, Founder of the StoryMoja Publishers

Peter Achayo, art researcher, writer, curator, AfricanArtMatters Founder


Hannah O’Leary, Sotheby's Director, Head of Modern & Contemporary African Art

Alla Tkachuk, artist

Alan Rivers and Susan Rivers, Founders of Rivers Foundation

Dr Gelly Gryntaki, art curator and writer


Nik Apostolides, curator, Johns Hopkins University

Christy and Turk Pipkin, writers and filmmakers, The Nobelity Project Founders