Baraka Shamia

Nairobi, Kenya

Baraka Isaac Shamia is a visual artist from Kakamega, Kenya.

He was raised in a place rich in culture, with many fascinating practices, and was moved to create inspired by his beliefs, interactions with his people, and everyday life. His parents, his farmer father who plays guitar in his spare time and his mother who sings in the church choir, recognised and supported his creativity. Baraka is now in his final year of a Fine Art and Design degree at Kenyatta University. 

Artist statement

In his recent series of works, ‘Membership’, ‘Sundays are for Linen’, and ‘One Man One Woman’, he explores the sense of belonging, trying to rediscover his childhood "good feelings" of balance, simple order, family values. He is currently working on a new series he calls ‘The Bride’, celebrating beauty in nature and people.

Exhibition history

Gallery nine.875, Hamburg, Germany, 2022
Glocal Art Gallery, Dronninglund, Denmark, 2020
African Modern Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, 2018/2019
Manjano Group Exhibition, Kenya, 2018
Affordable Art Fair, Kenya, 2017/2018
Kenya Art Fair, Kenya, 2017/2018