David Mwai

Nairobi, Kenya

David Muturi Mwai is a self-taught artist, and a civil engineer, architectural designer and scriptwriter.

Born in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya, he spent most of his childhood in the village watching his father create things which he’d sell for a little cash. This developed David's interest in creating objects and illustrations. 

'At the University I met people who inspired me to explore the artistic world – concepts of the real and the unreal world and began exhibiting that helped me grow my creativity and gave me the confidence to tell my story through art.'

David began experimenting in different media, acrylic, oil, spray paints, and designing architectural, structural and highway concepts using CAD.

'Art has become part of me. I have found no better way to represent my ideas, concrete or abstract, to the world. The sound of colour is my voice.'

Artist statement

My art represents what I see and do and my perception of the world. I try to bring out the beauty of life and add colour to the life's dark side. The concepts of love, unity, and freedom become tangible when represented in art. Art and creativity change the world.

CV & exhibition history

Technical University Of Kenya, Satuk Awards, 2021

Creatives Garage, online exhibition,  2020., Kenya

Creatives Garage, Junction Mall, 2019, Kenya