Clinton Artisto

Nairobi, Kenya

Clinton Otieno, also known as Clinton Artisto, embarked on his artistic journey at a tender age, driven by the need to finance his education while growing up in Nairobi's challenging Kibera slums. In this humble setting, artistic role models were scarce. His primary motivation was to alleviate the financial burden on his parents by paying his own school fees.

As he reflects on his artistic calling, Clinton expresses a deep-seated belief that he was born with an innate artistic talent. His work predominantly revolves around capturing everyday life, with a particular focus on portraying the strength and hope embodied by women. His unique approach involves leaving his art open to interpretation, inviting viewers to explore their own meanings and emotions within his creations.

His work have been collected by private collectors.


Shortlisted by MASK Awards 2022

Artist statement

"I use my portraits as heroic symbols of vigour and optimism. I am passionate about capturing how my subjects feel, their love, confidence and their free will."

CV & exhibition history


Various group exhibitions such as the Affordable Art Show at Nairobi National Museum (Kenya) and the Hamptons Art Fair (Texas)

His work featured in NYC Art Walk and in the Kenya's Art Diary 2019