Richard Amos Onyango

Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Zambia and later educated at Kenyatta University, Richard Amos Onyango is a visual artist based in Kenya.

As a child he was inspired by his eldest sister, who also paints, and his mother who is a fashion designer.

His art is grounded in realism, a genre that lets him uncover seldom seen perspectives and tell compelling stories. He paints in oil, its flexibility allows him to ensure every intricate detail is captured.

"I'm deeply passionate about art, using it to share my unique view of the world and invite others into my vision. Art has taught me patience, persistence, and unwavering focus, becoming an integral part of my life, connecting everything I do."

Artist statement

"I aspire to craft art that stirs thoughts and emotions, shedding light on the creative process. My fascination with people drives me to explore their behavior and the essence of their existence."

CV & exhibition history

Education: Fine Art at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya