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The brief

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming skills, jobs, and occupations worldwide. By 2023-27, 44% of job skills will be altered, and while 69 million new jobs will emerge, 83 million will disappear. Have you considered entrepreneurship as a career option amidst these changes? Can you generate your own job which you care passionately about?

As famous Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma once said: "Think creative. Every business starts from tiny business."

Outline your idea in a sentence of no more than 50 words or bullet points, or present it as an image.

No idea that is too wild, absurd, or impossible. Imagine. Be brave. Dream big. Push boundaries.

Judging criteria

Our panel of Jury will evaluate how creative and innovative your ideas are. Our guide to innovative enteprise

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Young entrepreneurs challenge

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Linda Njoki, 23, Nakuru - 5G Drone Wireless

5G drone connectivity leverages ultra-fast wireless speeds, low latency, and high network capacity. This empowers drones with real-time data transmission, remote piloting, and improved communication, delivery, education, and disaster response.

John Gift, 27, Nairobi - Solar Power

Our solution is using solar energy in agricultural sprayers with the help of solar panels. Farmers face the problem of large area coverage in a short period of time. In this project work, we will manufacture a multiple solar power supply of fertilizer sprayer to cover the maximum area of spraying.

Gloria Muriithi, 24, Nairobi - Vases and Flowers

Abiglow is the name of my business located in Nairobi, Kenya. It produces unique flower vases used for home décor and garden plantations and made using cement, sand and reusable materials. This idea came out of my desire to be independent and since a formal job was not easy to find I decided to create one. In the spirit of empowerment to help fellow youths, I created a you tube channel called ABBY-GLOW DIY which is all about Do It Yourself projects, tutorials, tricks, experiments on how to create flower pots by recycling materials in the simplest ways. If you are reading this kindly consider subscribing to have a learning and enjoyable experience. I entered this competition to push the boundaries of my imagination and showcase my creativity to the world.

Kitui Harrison, 22, Nairobi - Virtual Library

Study Hub, a Red Hub Kenya, is a startup that seeks to foster academic growth. Learners from primary school to higher institutions can beneficit. It is set to change the dynamics of remote learning and teacher/ learner activity in school. The Study Hub iwill contain multiple plugins and resources for learners. The Hub will solve unequal distribution of opportunities in business and academia. Here’s how:
1. Provide employment to the youth in the startup.
2. Prioritize product promotion of small and mid enterprises.
3. Set up virtual learning materials that will give rise to new forms of remote learning to students from all backgrounds.

Kevin Kipchumba Sang, Kapsabet, Kenya
The Asian Cup finals were viewed by over 2 billion people daily. My idea is to set up a theater in my local town and country wide for watching soccer ⚽. The theatre can also serve as a canteen and a conference facility. By creating such a place where people can come watch soccer together we promote interaction among locals and people will get to know each other and live in harmony.

Danielle Wijenje, 22, Nairobi -COOL COUPLE OF THOUSANDS

Did you know that with a mere 700 shillings, a creative mind, Canva application subscription, a printer and an electronic device you could make tens to hundreds of thousands per month? With Kenya's decreasing job market self employment by use of creative design is the way.

Mike Chiema, 21, Nairobi

Bamboo charcoal fabric made by burning bamboo at very high temperatures to create charcoal. This charcoal is then processed into fine nanoparticles that are embedded into fibers and spun into yarn. The resulting fabric is soft, UV-resistant, and requires fewer synthetic treatments. It is good at traping the bodily smells.

Issa Kamau, 22, Nyandarua, Kenya

Idea 1. HealthTech Telemedicine and Mobile Health Clinic

HealthTech Telemedicine and Mobile Health Clinic: a transformative healthcare solution utilizing telemedicine and mobile clinics to provide equitable access to quality healthcare services, bridging the gap between underserved communities and medical professionals, and reducing healthcare inequalities in Kenya.

Idea 2. AgriTech Farmer Network and Knowledge platform

Smart AgriTech Solutions: an integrated system leveraging technology, IoT, and data analytics to provide small-scale farmers in Kenya with affordable and accessible agricultural solutions, improving productivity, reducing post-harvest losses, and creating sustainable livelihoods.

Owen Machiro , 19, Nairobi - Tapping into urban

African urban culture is unique and needs to be showcased such that it stimulates economic growth. This can be achieved by modifying into Matatus themes on wildlife conservation, African culture and other. They can be used in African tourism. Urban tourism can stimulate continental tourism uptake.

Antony Odhiambo, 19, Sare-Awendo - Empowering African Youth through Sustainable Agriculture

My idea is to establish a social enterprise that provides skills training and employment opportunities for unemployed African youth in sustainable agriculture, empowering them to create a positive impact on their communities while fostering environmental sustainability.

Timothy Irungu, 21, NAIROBI - SHUKSHA SNACKS

A restaurant where Customers decide what they want and how much they wish to pay for it.

Michael Kamaui, 17, Nairobi - 3_skillz

3_skillz is an innovative platform that looks forward to promote the mind of youth in three areas: Academics, Talent, and Ideas. This platform will also have a foundation of a principle of 1:5. This means that in a person that successed, the person is expected to help the other five.


Lennox Omondi, 20, Nairobi. Eco-Bana is a social enterprise that manufacturers biodegradable sanitary pads from banana fibers. Our products are cheap yet quality and comfortable, we sell it at $0.43 whereas normally a Kenyan girl spends over $2 for pads. Eco-Bana is more than just a product it is a movement of liberations and empowerment for millions of girls and women. Instagram and Facebook page all @ eco_banalimited.

Samwel Nyachuba Muma, 20, Kisii. My idea is Paperstar EcoPencil, pencils made from recycled newspapers. The business has a projection to make sh. 100,000 per month, and a profit of 1.2 million in the first year. I currently work with two very talented people in their fields.

Dulla Shiltone, 21, Limuru. Eco-Bana sanitary pads is a youth led project by students from St. Paul’s University in Limuru Kenya. Who works hand in hand to produce biodegradable, eco-friendly and hygienic sanitary pads made from banana fibers.

Victor Aluda Ngala, 24, a student at Sigalagala Polytechnic. I have a project on Jigger treatment because people suffer of jigger infestation. I target to treat 200 people by the end of the year.

Stanley Sigowo, 27, Machakos. Industrial and domestic waste. The u-bin, a device integrated into the lids of the bins that detects the level of waste in the bin and alerts to a waste management company.

Eric Mwirichia, 25, Nairobi. Our Smart Bins sort waste from source, while giving rewards points. They are afitted with sensors that collects data (such as fill level and weight) that allows governments and companies to make informed policies and resource allocation. We have been supported by the Ford Fund and the Kenya Climate Incubation Center to built 6 prototypes and carried out 2 successful pilots at a Coca Coca Bottling plant in Embakasi and at Multimedia University of Kenya. At both locations and with just over 240 users, we have been able to collect over 1.5 tons of Plastic waste, preventing over 4 tons of CO2 emission.

Denis Otieno, 25, Kisumu - Rhyme and Vocals. Rhyme and Vocals will expose exceptional talents who cannot achieve their aspiration due to financial instabilities and marketing skills, thus helping them gain and create a solid fanbase. The finance from this competition will be resourceful in initiating the first phase of the program because I believe it will be self-regenerating through online subscriptions and advertisements.


Paula Nyandat, 19, Nairobi. Make graphene aerogel building blocks, that are an alternative to concrete blocks and more environmentally friendly.

Danielle Wijenje, 19. Start-up 'Beyond delivery' is an application that connects riders at 5 km radius in a relay style.