MASK Awards 2023

Art Awards

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The brief

Did you know that really creative people, whether they are brilliant artists, scientists or entrepreneurs, think in pictures when they create? And that nearly all of them say that when they were young they loved making art of some kind in school or with their family?


Doing art as we are growing up sparks our imagination and helps us grow into confident people who can create new ideas and things. That’s why MASK Awards celebrate art, and we would like to share your very best works of art with the whole world. Your creation can be on a theme you choose in any of the categories and media shown below:

  • Painting, drawing, collage, print and graffiti
  • Sculpture and installations
  • Digital art and graphic design
  • Photography, film, video and animation
  • Architecture, fashion and furniture design
  • Advertising
  • Poetry
  • Performance art and happenings

Remember, in art there is no idea that is ‘too wild’, ‘absurd’ or ‘impossible’. Breaking conventions is what makes art to drive our culture and intellect forward!

Judging criteria

Our panel of Jury will evaluate how creative and innovative - new, original and bold -  your artworks are. 

The following two questions can guide your thinking about your art

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