Enrties received: 1,200

Number of schools participated: 16

Countries participated: Kenya 

Number of prizes awarded: 18

Award Ceremony was attended by 400 people

Press: The Star, 17 December 2016, Art Attack  (UK)

Prizes totalling 300,000 Ksh (£2,500) are supported by Rivers Foundation (UK). Our special thanks to our judges.


Naivasha Unity Primary School, Naivasha

Anidan Children Home, Lamu

Cogri Art Club, Nairobi

NPG Academies Primary Schools

Riara Primary

Riara Spring Primary




Alan Kiptoo, 4

Fahima Munene, 12, Anidan Children Home, Lamu

Hannah Gathon, 9, Cogri, Nairobi

Shela Foster, 9, Hillcrest Preparatory School, Nairobi



1st Prize, Paula Karanja, 20, Nairobi

2nd Prize, Churchhill Ongere, 23, Kisumu

3rd Prize, Richard Kuria, 22, Bungoma, Kenya

4th Edwin Wainaina, 18, Nairobi

5th Paul Kidero, 19, Nairobi

6th Samson Lazima Jali and Louis Tamlyn

Kitengela Glass Research and Training Trust, Nairobi



Hanna Nebiyu, 16, Niarobi

Crew Teflon, Ben Vic, Timmy Tim, Biior, and Kavi, Nairobi


ART - under 25


Crew Teflon (rappers Ben Vic, Timmy Tim, Biior and Kavi) singing thier song 'The Star',  Nairobi

Hanna Nebiyu, 16, Niarobi singing her song 'Run' about child soldiers

ART - schools

ART - under 15


Michael Joseph Art Center, Nairobi, 26 May 2015

The Ceremony was officially opened by the Member of the Kenyan Parliament The Hon. Stephen Kariuki who said:

"MASK sparks creativity. Education in African contries does not give enough attention to the arts in comparison with the Western countries.  And we can see the diffrence between the children grown in the West and other children. If we do not explore our creativity, our innovation, then we will never get where we want to be."

The prizes were awarded by the Kenyan renowned artist Peterson Kamwathi and musician Shiphton Onyango.

Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

12 April - 22 May 2016

MASK presented selected work at Turner Contemporary, one of leading public galleries in the UK. The

jewel of the exhibition was a series of animated paintings that MASK's artists created for the 'Mabadiliko' exhibition. https://youtu.be/baGmjAmmJ54

"This exhibition connects to the Turner Contemporary's vision 'Art Inspiring Change' and enables visitors to see the world differently through the creativity of Kenyan young people", Turner Contemporary said about the MASK show.    

Zandra Rhodes Gallery, Rochester, UK

11 March - 22 April, 2016

Transformation / Mabadiliko

Winners of MASK Awards 2015 and graduates of Computer Animation Arts at the University of the Creative Arts collaborated on the production of the multimedia exhibition 'Transformation/Mabadiliko'. 

Animators Vikki Kerslake, Emily Clarkson, Nat Irwin, Ethan Shilling, Samantha Niemczyk, and Steven Payne animated paintings by Paula Karanja, 20, Churchill Ongere, 21, Shela Foster, 9, Allan Kiptoo, 4, Samson Lazima,18, Jali Louis Tamlyn, 18, Edwin Wainaina, 18, and Fahima Munene, 12 building on their ideas and meaning.

Artists communicated via an online blog revealing exciting possibilities of artistic partnership over media and space. You can read the blog here: http://caamask.blogspot.com/

"Working on this project opened for me the whole new reality, art became a whole new concept! Brilliant!" said our Edwin Wainaina, 18.

The animations, prints of the paintings, and extracts of the blog were exhibited at the University of the Creative Arts (Zandra Rhodes Gallery). This exchange gave MASK's young people the opportunity to work with UK young artists, collaborate in online space, and create new cutting-edge pieces of art. For MASK, this was an opportunity to integrate ICT into our CE practice. 

Alla Tkachuk, Director of MASK, explains: “We wanted to inspire young Kenyans to produce new art combining their artistic sensibilities and modern digital technology. This approach is the future of art."

Phil Gomm, course leader, adds: “Computer Animation Arts has a reputation for exciting collaborative working and using computer animation technology in surprising ways to enrich and vivify other creative disciplines. Our work with MASK continues that tradition, as our graduates work closely with seven Kenyan artists in bringing their award-winning artworks to life."


You can see the animations here:

What the Noise Gave Me

Greener Pastures and the Colours of Youth

Our Home 



Adore Women

Lamu Under Orange Skies

Mark Little, Executive Dean Faculty of Fashion, Architecture & Design; Alan Cooke, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Emma Brasso, Exhibition Curator; Alla Tkachuk, MASK Founder; Rhill Gomm, Course Leader Computer Animation Arts; Professor Simon Ofield-Kerr, Vice Chancellor of the UCA at the opening of the exhibition, 14 March 2016