Why participate in MASK Awards?

Do you wish to develop, showcase, or utilise your talent? Do you have a passion for art? Or see yourself as an entrepreneur and a leader?

If so, then MASK Awards is for you!

Over a decade, MASK Awards helped many young people like you to push the boundaries of imagination, exhibit to the global audiences, win cash prizes or career-launching internships.

So, enter MASK Awards and:

  • Get your name out there, grab exciting rewards, and gain a sense of power and potential

  • Be as provocative and ground-breaking as you wish in a safe and supporting environment. Your ideas will not be ridiculed, on the contrary, the 'crazier' your ideas the better for us

  • Get on our database and increase your opportunity to be connected to employers who seek creatively minded people like you

  • Channel your entrepreneurial mind into the corporate or policy space. We will feed your best ideas to the policy or business community

  • Become a part of MASK collective creative community.