Alla Tkachuk

Graduating in science, Alla has enjoyed a career in fine art, exploring the notions of human identity, the synergy of art and technology, and the social impact of the arts.


Her work has featured on the front pages of The Times (UK) and Bild (Germany), and in such publications as the Guardian, Independent, The Times Art Review, Jackdaw Art Review, Art Industry, Hello!, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, ITV and BSN, exhibited internationally, and included in the art collections such as the BBC Public Ownership Collection. She is a recipient of the Leverhulme Artist-in-Residence Award, UK Millennium Award, Lead Awards, and an RSA Fellow.


Alla founded a social art project MASK in Kenya in 2007 that supports creativity of young people in Africa. It has since reached 13 countries in Africa and was presented at UNESCO, Saatchi Gallery, Nairobi National Museumm, the US Library of Congress and other platforms. It has been recognised by Harvard’s School of Education, InSEA, HundrED, and Barack and Michelle Obama. In 2020, MASK was named ‘Most Innovative Learning Organisation 2020’ by SME News (UK).


Alla curated her series on modern portraiture ‘The Changing Face of Portraiture’ at the National Portrait Gallery in London (2002–06), debating how portraiture can escape the ‘shackles of convention’. The Times wrote: ‘Alla Tkachuk believes that radical new concepts are needed in portraiture today.’ (The Times, 13 June 2006.)


Her ’The 20th Century Naked Dictators’ series was shown on Europe’s largest digital screen on top of the Axel Springer Building in Berlin in 2007 and named the 'Critic's Choice' by Saatchi Online.


Her Prince Charles portraits (2000–02) featured on the cover of Der Freund magazine and won the Gold Medal of the Lead Award for ‘Best Magazine Cover of the Year 2005'.


Alla's interactive ‘Instigative Head: 5D’ (2004–08) explored new ideas for production and consumption of representational art through modern digital technologies and were shown at London's SHUNT and the Balaklava Odyssey Media Art Festival in the Crimea.


Other work includes portrait commissions for the Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet, University of Hull and other organisations.