Emerging 21st-century African artists:

visions & possibilities


Press release

Emerging from a continent with an ancient and fascinating history and magnificent natural environment – elements that created a rich and robust artistic tradition – contemporary African art combines a variety of cultural features.

As members of the growing art scene of modern Africa, our artists share their artistic visions for a time that endures radical changes. Employing a mixture of innovative styles, techniques, and materials, they evolve their creative vision to fuse tradition and imagination and open discussions on politics, race, gender, class and identity.


Artists such as Ian Ndambuki and Peteros Ndunde employ their technical virtuosity as a means to investigate individual and collective identities and stereotypes.

In the works of Shitanda and Chesta Nyamosi, self-scrutiny becomes political and ethical.

Cynthia Nyakiro Ngunjiri’s fascinating collages, and the idiosyncratic surrealism of Musyoka Martin result from a spiritual brainstorming around the mythical and supernatural.

The extravagant Afrofuturism of Kigera Njau and the neo-pop aesthetics of Taabu Munyoki open the discourse of alternative presents and futures.

The sensitive and skilful observations of everyday life by Muriithi Samuel Muiga and Eddy Ochieng, Alpha Odhiambo’s urban graffiti, the folklore nostalgia of Eman’s inks and Sachy Atieno’s sculptures highlights awareness of hard reality, but also the endless charm of the human condition.

A love for nature and a call for ecological awareness are also present in Sharon Gekonge’s tender look at African wildlife, and Ron Enock’s hyper-realistic celebration of nature and colour reveals an affection towards nature in its beauty.


This sensational group of artists is a characteristic sample of contemporary Africa's vibrant and developing artistic scene. Our young creators long for new readings of the past and fresh approaches to the future. They are an artistic dream in the making, pulsing with vision and possibility.

Gelly Gryntaki, London 2023