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Education can be a powerful force for a brighter future when it enables creativity. For 15 years, we have helped our young people to become innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and effective professionals. Contact us to help you run our MASK training in your school.

Creativity Clubs

Target age: 4–13 years
Where: Workshops in schools
Duration: 1 hour

Creativity Clubs combine our art and design and creative thinking learning activities. Imagining, improvising and experimenting with materials and techniques, our pupils improve their ability to observe and think creatively. They become more curious, resilient and confident and are keen to apply their creativity in school and everyday life.

After being on the programme for two-to-three years, they join our CEL programme.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CEL)

Target age: 14–25 years
Where: Workshops in schools
Duration: 1-1.5 hours

On our CEL programme, students learn to apply creativity in practice (innovation). The aim is to equip them with practical tools which can help them solve real-life challenges and find empowerment and success. 

To achieve this, students follow our Five-Step Practical Creativity framework, a step-by-step approach to the innovation process that demystifies and clarifies it. They improve their problem-solving skills, entrepreneurial mindset, leadership qualities, employability and team creativity. 

Upon completion of the training, we connect them (those aged 16 and over) to companies and organisations that look for motivated and creative individuals like our young people.