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Education is extremely powerful when it enables creativity. For 15 years, we have been teaching creativity through Creativity Clubs and and CEL programmes in Kenya using our award-winning Creativity Education Model. Our former students have become successful innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders employed at top organisations.

This is the platform for schools to access our teaching resources and programmes and join our global community.

Creativity Clubs

At our Creativity Clubs, we use a combination of our art and creative thinking learning activities to challenge, stimulate and strengthen students' creativity.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CEL)

On our CEL programme, students learn to innovate, that is, to apply their creativity in practice. We use the MASK 5-Step Practical Creativity framework to equip them with the tools, attitudes and abilities they need to solve real-life challenges. They improve their problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills, develop their leadership qualities, and increase their employability. They experience success and empowerment.

It starts here – how to join

In 2017, Kenya adopted the new Competence Based Curriculum that focuses on seven key competences, five of them being about creativity education – ‘Critical thinking and problem solving’, ‘Imagination and creativity’, ‘Learning to learn’, ‘Self-efficacy’, and ‘Communication and collaboration’. 

Joining MASK today is your first step towards becoming a school that shows remarkable results in creativity education. It can help to advance your school leadership, standards for teachers and collaboration. 

How many students do you have?

Your membership options:

Number of students

1 Year Membership

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3 Year Membership

Per year

Up to 500

£350 (50,000 KES)

£280 (40,000 KES)


£400 (60,000 KES)

£350 (50,000 KES)

More than 1200

£500 (70,000 KES)

£400 (60,000 KES)

Membership includes:

  1. ‘Creativity education’ teachers’ manual;
  2. textbooks that include: 'What is creativity?’; ‘Creative people: what it means’; ‘Art for creativity: the essential role for creativity learning’; ‘Creativity and society: the positive outcomes’; ‘Creativity and enterprise: the role of creativity in the workplace’;
  3. annual training supervision by our Director at your school;
  4. participation in a biennial conference to encourage closer collaboration between our schools;
  5. participation in our MASK Awards and exhibitions; use of our art archives as resources for teaching; and use of our Ambassadors for motivating talks.

    Unlimited users


    We offer incredible value, giving your teachers unlimited access to our platform wherever they are. 

    Why our training works for schools

    • Content. MASK is one of the leading organisations in the field of creative education. 

    • Exclusive network. We facilitate collaboration between our schools to improve school leadership and standards for teachers.

    • Exceptional value. We aim to make high–quality creativity training available to all teachers in all schools.


    “Creativity is becoming embedded at all levels, teachers routinely use the textbooks as reference materials, and students use our programmes as a way to get empowered and advance.”

    A MASK's facilitator

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