Our guide to thinking about your innovative social or business enterprise

  1. How creative/inventive is your idea - i.e. what is new about it - in whole or in part?
  2. Will the idea serve local/global needs? How passionate are you about these needs? 
  3. How clear is the business structure, i.e. how will you organise and manage sales, marketing, branding, product creation, team-building and growth?
  4. How is technology integrated into the enterprise? Will it use video, audio, podcasts, downloads, live streaming, blogs, tweets, etc. to interact with the world?
  5. Is the enterprise set in a factory, office, community or home? A combination? Why? 
  6. What is the potential intellectual property, IP, value of the enterprise, e.g. can it be licenced or replicated?
  7. Who is/will be on the team? Do they share the same passion for the idea? How creative are they? Where are they located – locally/globally? How will you evaluate your team-members (e.g. by performance, hours clocked, or loyalty)?