These questions can help you imagine your School of the Future

We have organised them into 4 groups to guide your curiosity and imagination. You do not need to answer all of the questions in all of 4 sections. You can simply choose the one you like, or create your own!


In the future, entirely new jobs will exist. What skills should children learn to prepared for that future? 

2. ART

Practicing art is the best way to strengthen creativity. How would your organise practicing art (painting, dancing, performing, singing, graphic design, etc.) in your School of the Future


How would your School of the Future be structured?

  • PLACE. Where learning should take place? How the future school buildings will look like? Design it and enter the design in Art Awards.

  • CLASSES. In your ideal school, are your students still grouped by age, seated in rows, and marched from class to class at the sound of the bell? Or maybe, they are organised into temporary ‘task forces’ to work on particular projects?

  • E-LEARNING. We all recently experienced studying from home due to COVID-19. How would you make e-learning more effective and fun? Tell us how would your best e-learning experience look like.

  • TIME. For how long should students go to school? Can they combine part-time schooling with part-time work? Should there be a 4-day school week? A 3 day school week? Why?


Who are the 'teachers' in your School of the Future? What skills and qualities should they have?

Can parents, businessmen and scientists be school teachers? If so, how can this be organised?

How can teachers teach to make it more interesting, fun and rememberable? Can role-playing and video-gaming be part of lessons? What about exams and grading, do we need them at all? Should students grade teachers?