MASK Awards 2023

Environment Activist

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The brief

Humanity is facing an environmental emergency. Can you devise new solutions that can protect the planet? Think about the following problems, then select ONLY ONE problem and tell us your solution:

  • polluted air, water, land and soil
  • industrial and domestic waste
  • destroyed animals and plants habitats
  • deforestation and soil erosion 
  • depletion of natural resources (water, oil, wood, fish)

    Outline your idea in no more than 50 words, or present it as an image. Best ideas can be always described in a sentence.  For example, "my solution to deforestation and soil erosion is to  ________."

    Remember, with creative thinking there is no idea that is ‘too wild’, ‘absurd’, or ‘impossible’. Imagine. Be brave. Dream big. Push boundaries.

    Judging criteria

    Our panel of Jury will evaluate how creative and innovative your solutions are. 

    These five questions can help you to think about your new environmental ideas

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