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Connecting MASK Innovators with organisations

In 2019 and 2022, with the support of Unilever East Africa's CEO, we were able to award the winners of the MASK Innovation Award, a mdical student Danielle Wijenje, 19, (left) and a sociaology student Wendy Moraa, 20, from Nairobi with three-month paid internships at Heroes for Change.  

Danielle completed the internship in the summer of 2022 and Wendy began it in February 2023 just began it as Heroes for Change's social media consultants.

"Danielle is a great leader....Her outstanding personal and intellectual qualities make her the best fit for any organisation seeking growth." CEO of Heroes for Change, Elsie Wandera.

MASK Awards helped me become more confident in bringing out my entrepreneurial ideas, which can help me earn money for the future.Danielle.

"When young people learn to innovate, they develop a sense of power and potential." Alla Tkachuk, Founder of MASK

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