Not just a gallery, but a beacon of creativity and purpose

Our gallery is not just the usual commercial enterprise, it has a driving social purpose too. All our artists are young Africans who participated in our MASK Awards - that hail young artists from 15 African countries - and represent extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, artistic styles and approaches. They share a passion for art and a keen desire to express their originality and tell their stories.  

In many African countries access to the arts for young people is very limited. Little art is encouraged in schools. Most children never visit an art gallery, limiting their opportunities to absorb inspiring works and develop their own creativity essential to their learning and skills.

Yet, against all the odds, hundreds of young people come to MASK Awards each year with their stunning works of art across all media: painting, sculpture, digital art, film, performance and more. They long to showcase their ideas to the world and make a successful career from their passion.

That’s why we decided to establish the MASK Art Gallery to help our young and unrepresented African artists develop their voices and professional careers, and impact their communities through their art and creativity.

We believe in artists. They challenge conventions and drive forward social progress.

We believe in art. Art shapes innovation. If art flourishes, our future thrives.