Chesta Nyamosi

Nairobi, Kenya

Chesta works in the style of art realism. He calls his style ‘STROKE FACE’ because it is characterised by the unique way he blends his tones using different sizes of brushes.


“My passion for art began when I was about 9. I began by doing sketches from comic books and then joined Uweza Foundation who offered art classes. My older brother was my biggest inspiration. He also made art and I admired what he created. He still makes art, although part-time, while I look a lead making my art my profession.”


“We come from a humble family background. My parents had four children and worked hard to make ends meet. They knew we had talents but did not believe in art until I proved them wrong when I sold my first painting and used the funds to pay for my school fees.”


“Artists that inspire me include Eloy Morales, Marco Grassi and Kelvin Okafor among many others."

Artist statement


I create with love and my inspiration comes from our African culture and how people live generally.

CV & Exhibition history


Exhibitions include:

2021 - Affordable Art Show, Kenya Museum Society, Nairobi

2019 - Kenya Art Diary

2018 - Sarova Art Festival, Nairobi, Kenya