Our Philosophy

We believe

  • Creative people make the world prosper. Mobilizing creativity and placing it at the centre of education and all broader socio-economic systems is our idea for sustainable development. Societies that neglect creativity cannot prosper.

  • Creativity is the ability to pioneer transformative ideas and turn them into reality. It strengthens our learning, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and is the source of intellect, resilience, and productive work ethics.

  • Creativity is 'a door' to a better future, creativity education is 'the key'. Creativity is visual cognition. People generate ideas primarily with the help of their visual system. Art is essential for creativity education.


We create


MASK creates safe and supportive space where young people can:


  • Explore and energise their creativity through a range of activities, showcase it to the world, and receive career-launching rewards and opportunities.


  • Nurture their entrepreneurial and leadership skills and channel them into the corporate space by gaining quality internship and employment opportunities. Connect with the world at large and foster a powerful sense of purpose and potential.


  • Unleash collective creativity. Only a collective of creative minds, together, can redefine the long-term course of society and bring real change locally, nationally and globally.